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Are Your Zoom Credentials for Sale on the Dark Web?


With all of us on Zoom these days, hackers are having a field day stealing credentials and selling identities on the Dark Web. 

How do you know if your identity is for sale?

With the soaring popularity of Zoom and other video conferencing services, there comes a steep cost to cybersecurity. Their easy use has opened up the door to a litany of cyber threats. Although phrases like "Zoom bombing" are now part of our vernacular as Zoom takes the most heat for the cybersecurity weaknesses,
other services have also faced privacy concerns of their own.
Fear became reality this week when cybersecurity researchers discovered more than 2,300 Zoom credentials for sale on the Dark Web. Not only does this lead to potentially embarrassing drop-ins, this information could allow hackers to execute a number of cyber crimes, including phishing scams that could cause devastating consequences  for Zoom users.
Ultimately, this is a cold reminder that this new remote reality is fraught with cybersecurity concerns that companies need to address. By engaging in ongoing Dark Web monitoring through our partner ID Agent, you can keep up on these potential threats to stay ahead of the game during this critical time.

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