Fax is Not Dead! In Fact, Its Future is Bright


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I know. Fax is dead. Not really! In fact, its future is quite bright.

You’ve heard or seen it before, so let’s just move on to some sexy futuristic topic like autonomous driving, nanobots or even space tourism. Not really. But wait, here is something you have heard before as well - fake news. As in fax is NOT dead and is thriving in verticals most notably in industries like healthcare, financial, legal, and government.

I’m not going to bore you with the requisite future advances surrounding regulatory compliance, secure FOIP or next-generation EMR integrations. However, is cloud-based AI or being able to send a 100-page document in seconds something you may be interested in hearing about?

Taking the pole position on future advances in fax has to be cloud-based Artificial Intelligence 

Creating cost-effective and seamless workflows with an intuitive interface has always been an elusive challenge for business. Not anymore. With cloud-based AI, it is possible to extract data and pair with unstructured documents and paper-based forms to integrate into workflow processes. Now you can create the ability to recognize form type that can trigger workflows.  You can also extract data from fields within forms to populate third-party workflow applications or integrate into EMR platforms.

Another future advance of note surrounds the Secure Exchange Network (SEN)

SEN is the world’s largest ecosystem allowing for the exchange of hundreds of pages faxes in seconds, including color transmission. It leverages military grade encryption and cloud technology to provide 100% secure communications. But, there’s one caveat to consider as you access these powerful tools, the sender and recipient must be in same faxing ecosystem.

The future of fax will continue to thrive and grow with these next-generation third party application integrations. There will continue to be improved advances such as being able to securely distribute documents to such powerful enterprise application platforms like IBM’s FileNet, MS SharePoint, SAP ERP, EPIC and most EMR platforms. Further, robust API toolkits provide “hooks” and enable integrations with most homegrown applications.

While embracing the future of fax is certainly not as compelling as Elon Musk’s SpaceX program complete with future trips to the red planet, it is a game changer for business looking to transform the way they do business with the powerful next generation fax advancements.

I know you are ready to learn more.  So, join us for our upcoming RightFax Webinar:

The Future of Fax

Wednesday, June 2

1:00 - 1:30 p.m. EST

Contact me at scott@bitxbit.com for more information.

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