Five Signs You Need to Outsource Your IT Department

One of the most effective ways to improve efficiency in the workplace is to partner with a managed service provider (MSP) for all your IT needs. A cost-effective solution, outsourcing your IT department offers a host of benefits for small business owners. These advantages include having access to the latest cybersecurity tools, around-the-clock network monitoring, and technical assistance.

If you have yet to partner with an IT provider, now is the time, especially if you are struggling with these most common signs that it is time to partner with Bit by Bit.

#1 Lack of Funds for Full-Time IT Staff Members

Many SMBs do not have the extra resources to hire an in-house IT staff to handle all of their technical needs in the workplace. The cost of training, employee benefits, and overtime are a few of the reasons why so expensive to hire additional employees. However, you can avoid these costs by choosing to partner with an MSP for an affordable fixed rate each month.

#2 Overworked Employees

Are your employees already overworked? An IT MSP can help by reducing the workload for your entire staff. We will take care of all of the technical duties and allow your employees to focus on their jobs. Ultimately, this will create a more relaxed environment while also saving you time and money.

#3 Out-of-Date Technology

Keeping up with the latest tech trends is never an easy task for small business owners. Always purchasing the newest technology can also get expensive. However, an MSP gives your business access to the latest tech as soon as it becomes available. Modernizing your computer equipment will make a significant impact on productivity while also making the jobs of each employee that much easier.

#4 Cybersecurity Issues

Cyber attacks can strike a business at any time and cause significant downtime. A data breach can damage your reputation and make it difficult for clients to trust your company. You can avoid this doomsday scenario by using an MSP that specializes in offering the latest cybersecurity solutions that will keep your business secure at all times. Access to the latest security updates, anti-virus protection, and data backup services are only a few examples of the many ways we can improve your cybersecurity posture.

#5 Compliance Concerns

Many industries must follow strict compliance guidelines, such as HIPAA that focus on protecting the electronic data of patients. Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to significant fines. An MSP can play a key role in helping your organization remain in compliance at all times while maximizing data security.

Outsourcing your IT is one of the best investments you can make in today's tech-driven society. Lack of a budget for IT staff, overworked employees, outdated technology, cybersecurity issues, and compliance concerns are only a few of the most common reasons. 

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