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Joe Dadey | Tinker. Problem Solver. Senior Network Engineer

Senior Network Engineer Joe Dadey is a tinkerer. A problem solver. The enthusiastic voice you hear on the other end of the line if you’re a Bit by Bit phone, VoIP, or fax client and you need technical help.
He’s the smart, responsive, and experienced support who can guide you through any problem to keep these systems up and running well.

imageedit_1_4523073146As a matter of fact, he’s so stellar at what he does, he’s even earned his own “Joe Dadey Day” at Bit by Bit, complete with personalized M&Ms and a face-to-face luncheon with customers. He’s appreciated that much by staff and clients alike.

Joe joined Bit by Bit in 2013, bringing with him a lengthy career of customer service in retail, logistics, and technology. He had worked at Microsoft where he became a highly-valued part of their Windows support team, then at Open Text where he served as a RightFax Lead Support.

He honed his customer-focused approach at Bit by Bit, immediately engaging clients and earning their respect with his extensive knowledge, dedication, and warm charisma.

"At the end of the day, it’s my job to make our clients successful. I try hard to be helpful, go out of my way to understand their issues and be respectful when helping them solve problems. It’s always nice to turn around a situation and make someone’s world appreciatively better by how you talk to them and what you do. When it all connects, and stars align, it’s very rewarding.”

When COVID hit and changed the way the world does business, Joe was already working remote. In fact, as a Managed Services provider Bit by Bit was years into offering both remote and onsite support well before the pandemic. Joe just focused on how to get customers to the same place and level of comfort around remote systems and support as he had always been.

With RightFax, Microsoft Teams, Altigen, and PBX already addressing data security, remote access, and business continuity, there weren’t a lot of technical issues during the transition. “Instead, we needed a very personal touch with clients, assuring them that things would be working. We had to give them a sense of continuity to their business when the entire world didn’t have a sense of continuity. There were a lot of moving parts and it was a radical departure for many of them.”

Whether implementing upgrades, migrations, fax onboarding, cloud access, or simply explaining the nuances of VoIP, Joe believes it’s his job to come up with the questions and help his customers find the answers together. He approaches a situation in ways that build trust and convinces clients that he has their best interest in mind.

A huge music fan, Joe finally went out to hear a live show not too long ago. It was nice to close his eyes, not look at a computer screen, and just listen, as he often tries to do with his customers. As a kid, he took apart computers, and put them back together again, just to fix them. It only makes sense that he’s one of the best IT support engineers around, still troubleshooting and fixing IT problems.

Got a fax issue?  Need help with phones and VoIP?  You can reach out to Joe at jdadey@bitxbit.com

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