Fire Sale on the Dark Web: 60,000 Digital Fingerprints

This week we read about Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit revealed a troubling development, even by Dark Web standards.

ZDnet revealed that Kaspersky researchers detailed a new online marketplace where cybercriminals can purchase full digital fingerprints for 60,000 online users. Genesis, the name ascribed to the new marketplace, sells full user profiles for as little as $5. This information helps cyber criminals evade many of the security standards that currently detect abnormal account behavior and can indicate fraud.

A full user profile doesn’t just include login information. It provides thieves with account cookies, browser details, webGL signatures, and other features that allow criminals to evade detection. Data thieves use a Genesis Chrome extension to use the stolen information, something that security researchers have already discovered in the wild.

How You Can Erase the Illegal Use of Your Digital Fingerprints

It’s recommended that you enable two-factor authentication whenever possible to help prevent this scheme from impacting you. At the same time, keeping an eye on our digital information seems even more crucial than ever.

You can also keep your finger on the pulse of the Dark Web with the help of our partner Dark Web ID.  Reach out to us at and we can check to see if your data is being trafficked in nefarious ways.  Better to find it and fix it before it's too late. 





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