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Turn On iPhone Stolen Device Protection

If you’ve ever been worried about someone getting access to your phone so they can change your password and steal your info, Apple has introduced a new security feature you'll want to enable.

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Apple added a new security feature to iOS 17.3 named Stolen Device Protection that adds protection against iPhone theft. but you'll have to turn it on since it comes with some caveats.

You may have heard reports of stolen iPhones being used to access bank accounts and passwords. One key to this process is the ability to quickly change the victim’s iCloud password after a device is stolen. Apple's new feature adds an additional hurdle. Once you turn on Stolen Device Protection, thieves (and you) cannot quickly change your iCloud password unless you are in a familiar location. If you're away from frequently visited locations, like home or work, Stolen Device Protection adds a one hour delay before an iCloud password can be changed. So if your phone is stolen while you are out, there will be an hour-long security delay before someone can change your iCloud password and make changes to your iCloud account. During that hour you can change your iCloud password, mark your device as stolen, and notify the police. 

You can easily turn on Stolen Device Protection by going to Settings > Face ID/Touch ID & Passcode, enter your passcode, and tap Turn On Protection. (If it’s enabled, tap Turn Off Protection to remove its additional safeguards.) You’ll also need to enable Face ID or Touch ID if you haven’t already.

This video from the Wall Street Journal explains how well-organized thieves can steal an iPhone and quickly change the iCloud password to access passwords and financial accounts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUYODQB_2wQ&t=46s

 And the New York Times covered the feature also: 


Latest macOS and iOS versions

As of this email, the latest versions of Apple software for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone are:

  • iOS 17.4.1 for iPhone and iPad
  • MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1
  • MacOS Ventura 13.6.6
  • MacOS Monterey 12.7.4

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