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Bill Venezia | TelCom Director Who Leads with a Smile While Supporting Clients

Bill Venezia is one of those people who gets things done. As Director of Telecommunications at Bit by Bit, he dives right in to lead his fax team, known as the “Orcas” in determining solutions that solve problems and create opportunities for our many fax and VOIP clients.

BillVeneziaIn his role, Bill works with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small businesses to support their fax and VOIP operations. He runs the gamut from strategy to development, deployment, implementation, and management – keeping his focus on client needs at all times.

Bill started at Bit by Bit in 2003, fresh out of college, manning the Help Desk. At a time before the virtual bells and whistles of today's technology, he basically was the Help Desk, running support and a handful of field technicians from a phone at the office.

He quickly learned how to figure out what a customer was looking for and how to find the right solution to their problem as effectively as possible, a skill he carries on into his work today.

Highly dedicated and industrious, Bill has transitioned into a Bit by Bit leader managing primarily fax and VOIP solutions clients while relying on a good dose of ingenuity. He worked through projects throughout the years, from launching email to Blackberry support, before transitioning to fax. “People said Blackberry was the future and fax was dead. Good thing I went with fax. It’s still around. Where’s the Blackberry?”

Bill always brings a sense of humor to his job. He's known for using the phrase "just for giggles," so often to respectfully get his point across that fellow staffers purchased the domain jfgiggles.com just for him.

His good humor and flexibility come into play when working with clients too. “When dealing with a client, I try to read the moment to quickly determine whether to take control of a situation or lead from behind. It depends on where they are and what I can offer them to figure out their problem. I want to make sure all my clients are taken care of in the most efficient way.”

Before COVID struck, Bill was actively involved in raising awareness for congenital heart defects after the tragic loss of his young daughter to the disease when she was two. In her memory, he and his wife created Faith’s Toy Drive, raising donations and donating toys during the holidays for Children’s Hospital in Boston, driving down to deliver them every year. They are hoping to revise the fundraiser this year. If you're interested in learning more, please contact Bill at wvenezia@bitxbit.com

They’ve also testified before the Connecticut Legislature on behalf of a bill supporting pulse oximetry screening of newborns and stood by the Governor as it was signed into law. They continue to support Matthew’s Hearts of Hope Foundation in her honor and Bill participates in the Congenital Heart Walk for the Children's Heart Foundation. He has also fundraised for Bike MS events, in honor of a family friend.  Bringing humor into the equation, he encourages friends with "if you want to see me on a bike for one day a year, then donate."

If you’re interested in donating to these causes, please learn more at:

Matthew’s Hearts of Hope Foundation

Bike MS Events

Children's Heart Foundation

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