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Bit by Bit Joins IngramMicro Trust X Alliance Mastermind Marketing

We're taking our IT networking and resources to a whole new level as part of this forum of fellow technology experts -- to help make our customer service and expertise even better. 

Trust X Alliance


Bit by Bit has recently heightened our partnership with the Trust X Alliance community at IngramMicro by joining Mastermind Marketing, their highest level of engagement and accountability network among leaders in the B2B industry. We're delighted to bring our specialties in Managed IT Services, cloud computing, application development, and cybersecurity to this prestigious group.

With this exciting news, we continue to connect to IngramMicro resources that will enhance our business acumen and help us provide an even better level of service to our clients and our community.

So, how will this help you and our clients?

As part of this innovative, collaborative group of IT entrepreneurs, we will have access to the cumulative knowledge and experience of fellow successful business leaders. We’ll be part of a peer group comprised of trusted advisors that are also navigating the latest technology strategies, trends, education, and issues. Within this forum we will meet often to cultivate innovation and foster a deeper industry insight – allowing us to leverage what we learn to accelerate our business and work towards our overall Bit by Bit goals.

In other words, as we broaden our knowledge base about our world of IT, we can improve how we grow Bit by Bit, work with our vendors, and ultimately take the best care of our clients

Want to learn more about what we're doing with Trust X Alliance and Mastermind and how it can help you with your IT?


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