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Bit by Bit Partners with Cybersafe Solutions to Offer World-Class Cybersecurity Tools

As a full-service IT firm, Bit by Bit has entered into a partnership with New York-based cybersecurity firm Cybersafe Solutions to enhance our suite of IT solutions by connecting our customers with state-of-the-art continuous security monitoring.

Cybersafe’s comprehensive security platform detects, responds to, and contains attacks against corporate computer systems as supplement to what signature-based anti-virus, SPAM filters, and network firewalls provide customers. It combines state-of-the-art technologies offering a complete view of security events across corporate endpoints, networks, and cloud assets. This platform provides full visibility into a corporate security posture at all times, enabling Cybersafe to detect, respond to, and contain attacks faster than traditional SIEM-only monitoring solutions.

The current landscape has put users and their corporate endpoints at higher risk, making them a prime target for hackers. Attack detection on the endpoint level enables Cybersafe to quickly contain and isolate threats before they can spread through an organization’s infrastructure.

Continuous security monitoring incorporates a full Managed Detection Response & Containment Platform along with Network and Cloud Security Monitoring. These capabilities encompass everything needed for complete real-time visibility into cyber threats. Cloud Monitoring allows the Security Operations team to integrate with providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Office 365 and Google with GSuite. This unique 360 visibility allows for 24/7/365 security no matter where users travel with their corporate endpoints. They no longer need to be in the office for an attack to be detected.

"To combat today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, every organization needs to have a comprehensive, proactive cybersecurity posture. This includes implementing effective security measures to prevent, detect and respond to threats,” says Bruce Steinfeld, Bit by Bit Founder and CEO. “As an IT solutions company, we have partnered with Cybersafe to offer the highest level of cyber protection and have found them to be so effective for our clients that we utilize their solutions to enhance our own internal cybersecurity platform.”

No one detection tool is optimally suited for detecting all attacks. However, Cybersafe’s platform seamlessly provides advanced attack detection and containment regardless of where corporate data is processed. By making this service available to our customers, we are offering an additional level of security and enhanced services.

Contact us at info@bitxbit.com to learn more about how our new partnership can protect your organization.

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