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FaxPulse Mini-Webinar | Business Intelligence, Reporting & Monitoring

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We all know nothing is perfect. Even your RightFax. Sometimes there's challenges reporting and running useful analytics on the fax server. Well, we hear you and we’ve developed FaxPulse, just for you.

If you're looking for a powerful business intelligence reporting and monitoring platform and missed our recent mini-webinar FaxPulse: A Business Intelligence Reporting & Monitoring Platform for the Ages, featuring Bit by Bit fax experts Scott Leahy and Peter Korn, here's the details.

FaxPulse helps you effortlessly manage, monitor, and receive alerts about your RightFax environment while gathering the most granular detail of your data quickly, and in one place.

To learn more, listen to the recording of the webinar below and reach out to us at info@bitxbit.com to experience FaxPulse!

Catch Our Webinar Here

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