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Fortinet Webinar Recap | Return to Work Securely



What a past year and a half it's been. The pandemic upended our lives and our work. But we're heading back to the office. Now what? How do we make sure our IT security is in place in this new environment? Here's what we learned in our recent webinar with our partner Fortinet, Return to Work Securely.  

There are many varied security risks and concerns about returning to the office, whether full- or part-time. From VPNs to corporate devices, and bring your own devices (BYOD,) each of them introduces new vulnerabilities into the network that need to be specifically addressed and protected.

In this webinar we reviewed basic scenarios for the priorities and needs of interested parties within an organization and a representative topology of remote work.  We illustrated several scenarios for returning to the office and outlined the risks that each one entails. Tying it all together, we showed how a Fortinet security fabric solution can provide a broad, integrated, automated solution for the entire attack surface, both an existing one and potential new ones.

Here's some of the Fortinet concepts and their products that we covered:

  • VPN access with FortiGate & FortiClient
  • Corporate device controls with FortiClient & EMS
  • Zero Trust Network Access with FortiGate, FortiSwitch, FortiAP & FortiNAC
  • Visibility & automation with FortiAnalyzer

No matter if you are in person, remote, or hybrid at the office, you need to step up your security to address the specific needs and dangers of each scenario.

Contact us for an assessment of your environment and current solution.  We'll take an in-depth look and then advise you on the most powerful, and effective remediation strategy and plan for moving ahead. 

Read more about Fortinet and reach out to us at info@bitxbit.com.

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