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Still Running Windows 7? Upgrade & Update Now

Windows 7. Done. No more support, security updates, bug fixes. It’s time get up-to-date with Microsoft Windows to be more efficient, cyber secure, and productive. To get with the program and enjoy all the benefits of what Windows has to offer, you’ll need to do two things:


1.  Update to Windows 10 or Windows 11
For free, to start. If you stick with Windows 10, as of now, Microsoft will be supplying updates and extended support for it until 2025. You will see enhancements, including:
  • Better ransomware protection
  • Stronger malware security
  • Faster & safer web browsing
  • Streamlined updates
  • Smoother connection across devices
2.  Get New Hardware
For, if you're still running Windows 7, it's more than likely that your computer is outdated, putting you are at an even greater security risk. You need to replace that machine with at least a Windows 10 PC to avoid data loss and security breaches.  You will work more efficiently without disruption, and ultimately save time and money. And, well, how slow is that computer running anyway?

Don't get left behind, unsupported, and remain at greater risk for cybersecurity hackers and attacks.

So, are ready to improve and upgrade?

Read more from CNET about how you can upgrade to Windows 10 or the new Windows 11.


Or, better yet, contact us to see how we can help you make the transition from Window 7 and set you up with a new Windows PC that can handle both the Windows 10 or 11 upgraded features with efficiency and speed;

Upgrade Now


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