Five Benefits of IT Security Awareness Training

With evolving cyberattacks unleashing at every turn, businesses are under siege, exposing vulnerable points in every organization.  You need to get ahead of these threats and put into place key steps to help mitigate risks and establish a powerful cybersecurity posture.

IT security awareness training is one tactic that sits high on the list. Our vendors such as KnowBe4 are ahead of the game when it comes to training your employees as the frontline of defense in order to protect your business.

As a crucial part of protecting your business in today's work environment, IT security awareness training is important in playing a role in preventing future cyberattacks.  When you implement an educational training through a managed IT service provider, you help your business avoid the hours of downtime, reputational damage, and hit to the bottom line resulting from a cyberattack.

If this isn’t clear enough, then here are five reasons why you should consider investing in IT security training in your workplace.

  1. Reduce Employee Mistakes

Fending off employee mistakes that lead to cybersecurity incidents is one of the main benefits of IT security training. The vast majority of data breaches are the result of employee errors, such as accidentally downloading malicious email attachments or falling victim to phishing scams. IT security training will focus on identifying these potential scams, which ultimately leads to fewer employee mistakes.

        2. Enhance Cybersecurity

Training sessions are an excellent way to increase cybersecurity for your entire business. Well-educated employees are more likely to use strong passwords while also avoiding common cybersecurity mistakes. Employees are nearly always the first line of defense against any potential cyber threats, as they can immediately contact IT support if they notice any technical issues or unusual activity.  Keeping them aware of the dangers of cyber hackers and the Dark Web is essential to enhancing cybersecurity on every level.  Want to learn more about the Dark Web?  Download our eBook The Quickstart Guide to Dark Web Security.

  1. Remain in Compliance

Many companies must follow strict regulations, such as in the healthcare and banking industry. These IT security awareness classes can play a crucial role in helping your business remain in compliance at all times. Employees can stay up-to-date on the latest cyber threats and the best ways to keep data safe and secure. You can avoid the expensive lawsuits and fines that come with failing to remain in compliance.

  1. Protect Reputation

Keeping your reputation protected is critical for any company in today's social media. IT security training sessions will focus on ways to avoid data breaches and the best way to keep client information secure at all times. Of course, a cybersecurity incident can destroy the reputation of any company and make it difficult for to recover from such a dire situation. However, IT security training sessions can be scheduled on a routine basis to give your business the maximum protection before the damage is done.

  1. Peace of Mind

A cyber attack can devastate any company and disrupt daily business operations for a significant period of time. However, a managed IT service provider can combine the latest cybersecurity protection with employee awareness training to give your business much-need peace of mind.  Understanding that your business is protected will help you rest easier, as each employee will be well-prepared to handle any potential cyber threats in the workplace.

IT security awareness training provides a wide variety of benefits for both large and small businesses. A managed IT service provider can offer the employee security training sessions on a routine basis to ensure that your company remains one step ahead of cybercriminals. Cyber threats will only continue to grow in complexity, but these proactive IT services are essential in keeping your business secure.

Learn more about how Bit by Bit can help with your cybersecurity strategy and schedule a few minutes with us to understand how we can get your secure your employees cyber safety with IT security awareness training. 

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