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Meet Peter Korn: Bit by Bit's Fax Expert & Resident Foodie

If you're looking for a few recommendations on how to utilize your fax to the fullest, improve your IT set up, or most importantly, where to grab a good bite in NYC, look no further than Peter Korn. 

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With an engaging way about him, it makes sense that Bit by Bit Senior Account Executive Peter Korn would take well to selling IT solutions. He’s attentive, knowledgeable, and personable, always thinking about how he can make life easier for his clients. 

But when he landed at Bit by Bit in 1995 to answer phones after a career selling art for a New York gallery, it was a change, to say the least. But, as is his way, he decided to give it a shot and fully immerse himself in learning the technology business.  

Twenty-five years later, Pete is a vital part of the sales team, going above and beyond to provide ideal solutions to meet his client’s IT and fax needs. As one of Bit by Bit’s enterprise fax experts, he keeps ahead of industry trends, advising clients on the best fax solution for their particular demands. Be it adding additional layers of security features, virtualizing their fax environment, or moving servers into the cloud, Pete is happy to review the options and help his clients make an informed decision.

In taking a customer-centric approach to his work, Pete believes what’s important to his clients is important to him. When he helps them increase productivity, save valuable time, and boost their ROI on their tech investment, he considers it a job well done. He’s known for being responsive, a good resource willing to go the extra mile for both colleagues and clients.

Pete also stands out in his role of resident foodie and keeper of all things cultural at Bit by Bit. When there’s a company outing, he’s there with his camera, taking the photos to chronicle and archive the institutional memory so important to a company celebrating over 33 years in business.  

Raised in Manhattan, Pete has frequented the many cafes and restaurants of NYC, devouring the tasty bites from ceviche in the East Village to Korean-inspired small-plates, to a handful of dogs at Gray’s Papaya. He's always active, taking in the cultural lifestyle befitting his native New Yorker status. When clients or remote staff come into town, all eyes are on him as the encyclopedia of all things culinary as he makes spot-on recommendations to appease their discerning palates.

When the pandemic hit and New York became the epicenter, Pete found a way to quarantine and not neglect his love of good food. Only this time, he skipped the takeout and began to cook, creating an array of dishes mimicking those he’d enjoyed and trying out new ones. 

And then, there’s baseball. With Bit by Bit divided between Yankees and Mets fans, Pete sits squarely in the Mets dugout. Now that the MLB games are back in their new normal with empty seats and social distance playing, Pete has hit the big league, making the cover of The New York Times as a life-size cutout in the stands.  

After 25 years with Bit by Bit, who’s counting? Pete is. He’s happy to work with a company that has a great staff with a sense of camaraderie and clients who make his job so rewarding. He’s also looking forward to many more years with the company as it grows and evolves as well.

Need a good recommendation for your IT business or a tasty bite?

Touch base with the man himself at pete@bitxbit.com.

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