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New Trouble Comes from Users Who Rarely Update Their Passwords

Is your password a failure or a winner? 


When will we learn?  Despite years of advocacy and endless advice to frequently update passwords, the majority of folks fail to follow through on this priority. According to research by Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab, users rarely voluntarily update their credentials, even after a data breach, and only 13% even did so within three months of a known breach.

Consistently updating passwords serves as an essential security tool.  And, part of protecting a company’s data and systems from bad actors requires knowing when a credentials have been compromised – and that compromise isn’t always on them. A third-party breach could unexpectedly put corporate passwords at risk as well. 

Given the high number of compromised credentials available on the Dark Web, updating passwords after a breach is a critical recovery act that can help limit the scope and impact of the breach. 

Dark Web ID is an essential tool for finding out if company credentials have been compromised in someone else’s breach.  We can help you utilize Dark Web ID to your advantage, helping you avoid a hack, and if you are breached, help you identify the damage and how you can recover from it. 

Read more on the Carnegie Mellon CyLab research here:


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