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Microsoft Teams for Education: Back to School Remote Learning at Its Best

Whatever back-to-school looks like this Fall, Microsoft Teams is a key asset for connecting, communicating, and learning. 


After our recent series of Microsoft Teams workshops, we've become fans of this easy-to-use platform. And, if you joined us, or use Teams yourself, you know the amazing options it offers, from video conferencing to workspace collaboration to chatting and sharing files.

But if you are a parent, an educator, or administrator, you can also utilize Teams for Education to provide a new level of learning experience, whether it’s in person, remote, or a hybrid.

Teams EDU is transforming the future of online learning into a more collaborative one, a “blended learning” experience that involves building classrooms, engaging remote students, and connecting professional learning communities – all in their secure online platform.

Think of it as a hub of collaboration and engagement for students, teachers, their colleagues, and families.

For teachers, it’s a place for creating lesson plans, streamlining staff communications, integrating Microsoft productivity tools into everyday learning, and providing students a virtual face-to-face connection with activities. Read more here:


Students can experience a new way to engage distance learning and have fun while connecting with other students, teachers, and friends. They can be part of the Minecraft: Education Edition, where teachers can share worlds and lessons from the in-game library, quickly and easily. 

For families, Teams EDU opens up a whole new way for them to support students and keep them motivated, connected, and on track to succeed. Read more about how to join their hybrid learning journey here:


In this time of COVID-19, Teams has also evolved to help students better connect by reducing the fatigue of remote learning and meetings. One way they do this is by offering the “Together Mode” that has taken the visual experience of tiled windows into a more friendly feed where all attendees sit in a virtual auditorium setting. This brings everyone together in a fresh, exciting new way.

Teams EDU is free with Microsoft 365 subscriptions. There are also tiered options with different pricing and features available. For all subscriptions, Microsoft provides professional development materials and training to help both teachers and students use the platform. It's easily accessible from a desktop, on the web, on iOS, Android, tablet, or laptop.

For kids heading to college, Teams provides communication systems, lectures, and learning management in the Microsoft environment as well. As an added bonus, students will be getting up to speed with the functions and features of the Microsoft environment and Office 365.  This will help prepare them as they transition to careers beyond college, where up to 98% of the business world utilizes Outlook and Office 365.

Want to learn more about #MicrosoftEdu?  Keep reading!



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