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Honoring Christian Pena as We Emerge from the Pandemic


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As we begin to emerge on the other side of the pandemic, we stop to honor Christian Pena, our Bit by Bit IT engineer who passed away from COVID-19 last year at such a young age.

Christian Pena Plackard CroppedIn his honor, we have christened our Bit by Bit conference room "The Christian Pena Conference Room."  As the heart of our company, it's where we gather to discuss ideas, engage clients, share meals, and fill each other in on our lives, it only makes sense that it will forever make us think of Christian. For he was such a kind, helpful, talented central member of our staff who was integral to our lives and our company.  

At this transitional time, we also want to thank our staff -- from the Help Desk to sales, marketing, admin to management.  They have kept our business humming along and have consistently taken care of each other as well as our clients every day since the world stopped on March 15, 2020. They continue to show exemplary commitment, professionalism, and creativity today as we carefully move into a new world order and towards an even better one going forward.

BBB Conference RoomAnd, of course, we thank our clients.  We all banded together to hold on during times where it seemed daunting and their trust in us to keep their businesses strong and successful remains invaluable  

We look ahead and remain hopeful, focusing on appreciating what each day brings and continuing to provide our clients the best IT solutions and customer service we can offer them.  These values are only some of what Christian brought to work every day and he is truly missed by us all. 

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