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Spanning Webinar Recap | Backing Up Your Office 365 & Salesforce



If you're running Office 365 or Salesforce, there are nasty threats out there that could cause you to lose data and cripple your organization.  Here's what we learned in our recent Spanning webinars.

Whether it's the accidental activity, user errors, ransomware, data corruption or  hackers, you are  at risk. Yet, you own your data and it's your responsibility when you make a mistake — or when a malicious act stops your business cold. Then what?

If you missed these webinars about how Spanning safeguards your Office 365 and Salesforce data with its cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution, it's not too late.  You can still check them out and learn:.  

  • Challenges & costs of SaaS data loss
  • Strategies & actions you can take to improve your effectiveness
  • How Spanning provides automated, on-demand SaaS backup
  • The ways Spanning protects your data from a cyber attack
  • What Microsoft is responsible for & what they are not responsible for
  • Why you need Office 365 backup for your data & Microsoft applications
  • Details about your responsibilities for Salesforce security & data protection
Office 365 Webinar Salesforce Webinar

You can also read more about Salesforce in particular here:


Better yet, we're offering a free 14-day trial or a custom demo of the Spanning backup solution that you can still take advantage of by clicking the links to register.  

To learn more, just reach out to us at info@bitxbit.com.

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