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ID Agent Guest Blog | These 10 SMB Data Breach Statistics Show a Dangerous World for Your Data

ID Agent Cloud

Thank you to our cybersecurity and Dark Web monitoring partner ID Agent for their guest blog that should motivate you to get ahead of the scary data breaches that come with leaving your organization vulnerable in the cyber world.

A data breach is a nightmare for any company, and it’s one that more businesses in more industries are having to face today. About 85% of IT professionals foresee a data breach at their organization in the next 12 months. Cybercriminals are hungry for data that they can sell in booming dark web data markets for a hefty profit, spawning an unprecedented increase in data-focused cybercrime that’s rocking organizations of every size in every sector – and it isn’t going to stop. 

10 SMB Data Breach Statistics You’ve Got to See 

Contact us at info@bitxbit.com to learn more and get a free Dark Web scan. 

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