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In the age of COVID-19, everything has changed. Even DOT exams, and especially occupational health services.

During this time of uncertainty, 3bExam continues to help DOT examiners, urgent care clinics, occupational health groups and medical practices do their job with assistance from our exam management platform.

Connecting providers, employers, drivers, and employees, 3bExam has grown from a custom application built for one client in 2014 to manage documents for DOT physicals to the premier exam management platform with thousands of users nationwide. We have expanded our reach to include a wide range of occupational health services including pre-employment physicals, respiratory exams, functional capacity tests, and drug screenings.

Our latest offering, 3bScreening allows healthcare providers and employers to manage daily screenings of patients, employees, and visitors, check symptoms, track COVID-19 tests and results safely, securely and accurately.

The 3bScreening functionality adds a greater level of value to the already powerful 3bExam solution. It enhances a platform that connects occupational healthcare professionals, industry organizations, and users to a community of experienced exam professionals, medical experts, and technology partners. With our easy-to-use online interface, 3bExam improves communications, streamlines processes, increases efficiency, reduces errors and ensures compliance.

Whether you’re a DOT examiner looking to keep track of a driver’s health, an employer, or a healthcare professional in need of managing the evolving screening, testing and tracking of COVID-19, 3bExam and 3bScreening together are the best solution in this new world we will call normal.

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