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Meet Tom Piccirillo: Senior Account Exec & Master of Customer Service

When the pandemic hit, and lockdowns tethered workers to their homes, Bit by Bit Senior Account Executive Tom Piccirillo did what he always does with his clients, he took care of them. Reaching out and checking in with them, not only to see about how their IT was working, but how they were holding up.

After all, they’re like family to him.

Tom P & FamilyAnd when he started donating face masks made by his wife to hospitals in Long Island, he hand delivered some to his clients as well. Again, like family. While almost all of his communication has remained remote during COVID, he has twice ventured out to visit clients – once to bring vegetables from his garden to one in Connecticut and to bring Christmas presents to another in New Jersey.

A career sales veteran, with the past 16 years at Bit by Bit, Tom is known for his high level of commitment to customer service. “I’m old school that way,” he says, “I like to stay in touch with my clients a lot, to keep ahead of any problems by gauging their satisfaction. I want to make sure I’m on top of concerns before they fester. I just want my clients to be happy with our services.”

His relationship-based approach has earned Tom accolades and awards throughout his career and at Bit by Bit, he’s known as the rep who is willing to not only go the extra mile to care for clients, but to also build networks. Nurturing them, from the first contact, through their life stages and IT changes, always putting their needs at the top of his list. And, they stay with him and Bit by Bit. He’s retained many clients for years and consistently has added new ones from the frequent referrals he’s received along the way.

As one of the few sales executives who sell both Managed Services solutions as well as fax solutions for Bit by Bit, Tom is at every sales meeting, relaying highlights of his work and sharing stories of lunches, fundraisers, donations, and connections. He participates in the Bleakley Financial annual golf tournament that Bit by Bit sponsors and raises money for NJ Seeds, giving his time and personalized gift basket donations. He also takes part in a Sports Boosters golf tournament for a local high school.

Yet another Bit by Bit staffer who had worked with the company as a client, Tom migrated over to Bit by Bit when his previous employer MCI closed its doors. He had gone to college with Partner and Senior Vice President of Sales Rob Bello and figured his background in technology sales would be a mutually good fit. It wasn’t long before he found his niche, and his sense of family with his fellow Bit by Bit staff and management, as well as his clients.   

Looking to join our Bit by Bit family?  You can reach Tom at tpiccirillo@bitxbit.com.    

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