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2021: New Year, Five New Cybersecurity Resolutions

After such a torrid 2020, the thought of New Year's resolutions may feel a bit daunting. Especially those around protecting your business from a whole new slew of cyber threats. Well, we're here to make it easy for you to venture  into 2021, beginning with five cybersecurity resolutions.

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1. Bring in the pros for a cybersecurity assessment. Find out how effective your current network solution is and how cyber safe you really are by bringing in a cybersecurity expert. They'll conduct a vulnerability scan, comprehensive report, and present a plan specific to what your business needs for coverage. With a formal data security assessment, you can decrease the odds of a breach, educate your workers on cyber dangers, and build your defenses.

2. Clean up your password practices. Good password hygiene and practices are crucial to protecting your data and devices. Keep your passwords secure by following smart practices such as using a password manager, enacting multi-factor identification, and  creating complex, unique passwords that you change often.

3.  Get a Dark Web scan. Are your credentials for sale on the Dark Web? More than ever, usernames, passwords, critical applications, and data are being bought and sold in this illegal marketplace. You can find out if you're at risk by monitoring your information, beginning with a Dark Web scan, before it's too late.

4.  Conduct cybersecurity awareness training. Manage the never-ending problem of social engineering (phishing, ransomware) with cybersecurity awareness training. With your users a human firewall and last line of defense, you need to enlist a solution to train them on how to detect scams and avoid becoming a cyber heist victim.

5.  Find the right solution for backups and recovery. Yep, disasters happen. You need to be ready to protect your data 24/7/365 with a backup and data recovery solution. Both internal threats and external threats can upend your business. You can’t afford the critical financial, productivity, and information loss that comes with a breach or incident.

Need a cheat sheet on these? 

Click below to get 5 Cybersecurity Tips to use as your road map to getting started. And then, reach out to us at info@bitxbit.com. We've got you covered with all these solutions.  


5 Cybersecurity Tips

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