Working Remotely? Why You Should Get a Dark Web Scan

Whether you're working from home, hybrid, or back in the office, the pandemic has brought on a motherlode of cyber risks, including heightened Dark Web activity and cybercrime.

It only makes sense that as employees are exponentially online, often don't practice good password hygiene, and fall prey to phishing scams, your network and data are increasingly at risk for cyber attacks. All this and criminals are feverishly at work stealing billions of usernames, password and accounts to expose on the Dark Web marketplace daily. 

According to our partner ID Agent, "the chaotic conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic are a boon for cybercriminals. As companies rush to do business virtually, they’re often revealing unexpected information security vulnerabilities." 

For those of you who know about the Dark Web, you know what you're up against. For the rest who don't, it's high time you do. You can read more here. Either way, you need to protect yourself from this nefarious online forum where user data gathered from phishing scams, exposed databases, and other vulnerabilities is for sale.

During past few weeks, ID Agent's The Week in Breach has reported that cybercriminals recently netted $1.6 million from selling 239,000 payment cards on the Dark Web. Then, throw in the personal and workplace data changing hands and you're on the long, dark road in the underbelly of the digital age.

Panicked, yet?  So, what can you do? 

Companies need to act now to strengthen remote workforce security. Among the solutions and services we offer with ID Agent, you can get a free Dark Web scan to find out if your company credentials are already on the Web. You can also listen to our webinars to learn even more:

What Cyber Criminals Do with Your Credentials...and How You can Protect Yourself

Are Your Digital Credentials for Sale on the Dark Web?

With Bit by Bit and ID Agent as part of your cybersecurity team, you can help protect your user and employee data, keep your credentials off the Dark Web, and avoid a costly, widespread data breach. 

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