Fax is Not Dead! In Fact, Its Future is Bright


I know. Fax is dead. Not really! In fact, its future is quite bright.

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Third-Party Data Breaches Bring Trickle Down Trouble

Well, it happened again. Another huge bomb hit the cybersecurity world with last month’s Microsoft Exchange hack. In light of it, it’s a good time...

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Addressing COVID-19 Fax Workflows with RightFax

In this guest blog from our fax partner Advantage Technologies, they outline some of the challenges healthcare organizations have experienced...

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Bit by Bit Hailed as Top Cybersecurity Consulting Company by Clutch

As we all know, 2021 was not an ordinary year. It’s as if everything changed and evolved in just a blink of an eye. We all know that there...

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UpCity Looks to Bit by Bit CEO Bruce Steinfeld for IT Managed Services Advice in Expert Blog

Thanks to our customers, we're earning accolades as one of the Top Managed Service Providers in the United States on UpCity.

And, thanks to ...

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Security Awareness Training: 5 Benefits That Will Make You Happy You Did It


In age of COVID, cyber attacks continue to unleash at every turn, compromising your business and exposing vulnerable points in every...

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Spanning Webinar Recap | Backing Up Your Office 365 & Salesforce


If you're running Office 365 or Salesforce, there are nasty threats out there that could cause you to lose data and cripple your organization. ...

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Cyber Scam Alert | Don't Click! Amazon or Apple Security Services

Sadly, as we weather the storm of COVID, the cyber scams are still coming fast and furious. Among the many we face every day, beware this recent...

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Lotus Notes & RightFax = Happy Integration

Lotus Notes?

Yes, it’s still around and in fact, it’s quite efficient for faxing, of all things, when integrated with RightFax.

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We're on a Roll! UpCity Announces Bit by Bit as Top IT Provider

Thanks to you, our clients, we’re on a roll! 

We’re thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as one of the top IT service...

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