3bExam & DOT Physicals:  No Rush to Judgement

As the premier exam management program, 3bExam connects thousands of employers, employees, drivers, and providers from a wide range of...

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Bit by Bit Partners with Cybersafe Solutions to Offer World-Class Cybersecurity Tools

As a full-service IT firm, Bit by Bit has entered into a partnership with New York-based cybersecurity firm Cybersafe Solutions to enhance our...

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Meet Collin Torrens: Tech Network Engineer Extraordinaire

There are certain qualities that make our Bit by Bit tech engineers so valuable. Things like responsiveness, breadth of IT knowledge, creativity,...

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Our 24/7/365 IT Support Techs are Certifiably Great

It's a pretty easy correlation to make. The more training and certification technology support experts have, the more they have to offer our...

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Smart Tips for Good Password Hygiene

We can't say it enough. Practicing good password hygiene is a good thing.  A really important, good thing. So, here are some key tips to help keep...

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Microsoft Teams for Education: Back to School Remote Learning at Its Best

Whatever back-to-school looks like this Fall, Microsoft Teams is a key asset for connecting, communicating, and learning. 

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What is a Network Security Audit & Why Do I Need One?

You may think that your network is as secure as it can be, but without a formal audit you can never know for sure.

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Meet Peter Korn: Bit by Bit's Fax Expert & Resident Foodie

If you're looking for a few recommendations on how to utilize your fax to the fullest, improve your IT set up, or most importantly, where to grab...

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New Trouble Comes from Users Who Rarely Update Their Passwords

Is your password a failure or a winner? 

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Healthcare, RightFax & Medical Claims: From the Dark Ages of 1997 to Today

Capturing and processing insurance claims has become an enormously profitable cottage industry with new players emerging from behind every corner...

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