Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

AI, cloud computing, and blockchain are all expecting to undergo significant advances in 2019, but we believe the tech trends to keep an eye on...

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Cool Tech for Your Home

Whether you've recently moved into a sleek urban apartment, made a down payment on an elegant suburban fixer-upper, or finally converted your...

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AI in the Workplace: How IBM Watson is Breaking New Ground

Since antiquity, humans have been captivated by the idea of artificial intelligence. Mechanical figures instilled with a manmade intellect appear...

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Key Features to Look for When Choosing Disaster Recovery

Our colleagues at FireEye have made a few predictions about what to expect for cybercrime in the next year:

  • Increased infrastructure breaches
  • ...
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Understanding How the Cloud Works: And why it’s the obvious choice for SMBs

It was not long ago when many people believed that cloud computing meant their data was actually being sent to the skies, and that stormy weather...

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Technology That Actually Saves Your Business Time

When it comes to technology designed to increase workplace efficiency, there’s no shortage of options. Every day, small business owners, CEOs, and...

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Analytics for Small Businesses: How Modern Tools are Taking the “Guess” Out of “Guesswork”

Many SMB owners and managers find themselves wearing multiple hats throughout the day. Oftentimes, they act as the marketer, salesman, and...

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Does Your Cybersecurity Plan Include Dark Web Monitoring?

The dark web is an emerging threat to the cybersecurity of businesses around the world. It is a vast marketplace of data that hackers use to...

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Worst IT Disasters of All Time: Reminders of how a small technology problem can lead to catastrophe

When technology fails on a large scale, we are reminded of the immediacy and seriousness of the potential damage. As most people know, the fallout...

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Clutch Recognizes Bit by Bit as a Leading IT Service Provider in New York

We’re pleased to announce that Bit by Bit has been featured as one of the 2018 top B2B IT service providers in New York by Clutch, a leading...

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