COVID-19, RIGHTFAX & Remote Working

Let’s face it, the pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for society as well as the global workforce. The coronavirus has profoundly...

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Meet Tom Piccirillo: Senior Account Exec & Master of Customer Service

When the pandemic hit, and lockdowns tethered workers to their homes, Bit by Bit Senior Account Executive Tom Piccirillo did what he always does...

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2021: New Year, Five New Cybersecurity Resolutions

After such a torrid 2020, the thought of New Year's resolutions may feel a bit daunting. Especially those around protecting your business from a...

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Holiday Greeting of Hope & Promise for 2021

As this challenging year comes to a close, we turn our eye to 2021 with hope in focus on the horizon. And, we do it grateful for our family,...

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RightFax 20.2 Mini-Webinar | The Latest Enhancements Taking Fax to a New Level

As we quickly adapt to a business climate defined by new ways to work, Open Text's RightFax continues to evolve as well with its recent RightFax...

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Working Remotely? Why You Should Get a Dark Web Scan

Whether you're working from home, hybrid, or back in the office, the pandemic has brought on a motherlode of cyber risks, including heightened...

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Meet Harry Tedjawardana : Bit by Bit's Global Senior Network Engineer

For Harry Tedjawardana, Senior Network Engineer, there are many things he likes about managing the Bit by Bit office in Indonesia. He gets to be...

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FaxPulse Mini-Webinar | Business Intelligence, Reporting & Monitoring

We all know nothing is perfect. Even your RightFax. Sometimes there's challenges reporting and running useful analytics on the fax server. Well,...

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Thank You for Your Clutch Vote: Top IT Managed Services in NYC!


In a year when we've all had to face tough, unprecedented times, we feel fortunate to share a bit of good news.

Thanks to our stellar...

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What We Learned about Cyber Liability Insurance in Our Webinar

Well, you need it. Cyber liability insurance. You've got health insurance, right?  So, you should invest in coverage to insure your cyber health...

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