Bit by Bit Celebrates 35th Anniversary in Providing Top IT Services & Solutions

In our world of IT, longevity is a big deal. Industry experience, innovation, and well-honed expertise built over time serves our clients well. ...

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Bit by Bit | Wrapping Up the Year that Was 2021

Well, we made it through another year of the pandemic. And, we're fortunate to have been able to serve our clients and our staff in ways that were...

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ID Agent Guest Blog | These 10 SMB Data Breach Statistics Show a Dangerous World for Your Data

Thank you to our cybersecurity and Dark Web monitoring partner ID Agent for their guest blog that should motivate you to get ahead of the scary...

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DesignRush Recognizes Bit by Bit as a Top 30 Managed Services Provider

We love the accolades! We’re delighted to announce that Bit by Bit has been is listed among the Top 30 Managed Service Providers by DesignRush, a...

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Still Running Windows 7? Upgrade & Update Now

Windows 7. Done. No more support, security updates, bug fixes. It’s time get up-to-date with Microsoft Windows to be more efficient, cyber secure,...

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Don't Get Caught by These Office 365 Phishing Scams

Anglers catch fish by dangling bait in front of their victims, and hackers use the same strategy to trick your employees. There’s many phishing...

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Fortinet Guest Blog | Stories of a Successful IT Partnership

Thank you to our cybersecurity partner Fortinet for this guest blog about a success story with one of our Bit by Bit clients.

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Ivan Shore | VP of Sales & Marketing & Master of Fun

At Bit by Bit, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Ivan Shore is known as an instinctive collaborator, a client and sales-focused success expert,...

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Be Cyber Smart in Cybersecurity Awareness Month

It's National Cybersecurity Awareness month and it happens to share October with Halloween. Ghosts, ghouls, and nefarious entities haunt the...

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The Nuts & Bolts about Why Fax is the Healthcare Favorite

Thank you to our fax partner Advantage Technology for this guest blog on the dominance of fax in the healthcare sector and how security,...

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