Meet Peter Korn: Bit by Bit's Fax Expert & Resident Foodie

If you're looking for a few recommendations on how to utilize your fax to the fullest, improve your IT set up, or most importantly, where to grab...

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New Trouble Comes from Users Who Rarely Update Their Passwords

Is your password a failure or a winner? 

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Healthcare, RightFax & Medical Claims: From the Dark Ages of 1997 to Today

Capturing and processing insurance claims has become an enormously profitable cottage industry with new players emerging from behind every corner...

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Welcome to 3bExam & 3bScreening:  From DOT Exams to Urgent Care to COVID-19



In the age of COVID-19, everything has changed. Even DOT exams, and especially occupational health services.

During this time of...

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Shout Out to Richard Dupuy, Essential Worker Bringing Good Mojo to Work

We can all use a little bit of positive mojo right now.  And, at Bit by Bit, Richard Dupuy, Sales Administrator, has been the one bringing it into...

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Prepare Your Organization to Defend Against Coronavirus Scams


Thanks to our partner, KnowBe4 for this guest blog about being aware and staying safe from hackers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Meet Robert Blake, Manager of Bit by Bit Texas, Who Treats Clients Like Family

Meet Robert Blake, manager of our Texas Bit by Bit office as he talks about his work in IT services and shares insight into how we do business on ...

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Are Your Zoom Credentials for Sale on the Dark Web?

With all of us on Zoom these days, hackers are having a field day stealing credentials and selling identities on the Dark Web. 

How do you know...

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Website Security: Don't Just Assume

Thank you to GreyBox Creative for this guest blog on the state of website security.

We're keeping our Bit by Bit website secure, are you?


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What Have We Learned IT-Wise from COVID & Where Do We Go from Here?

Thank you to Jeff Miller from our partner Arctic Wolf Network for this guest blog on the state of IT during COVID and how we can adapt to the...

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